Super Mario Brothers. Film Trailer

The film seems to show Mario's most memorable appearance to the Mushroom Kingdom, reflecting the "isekai" custom of Japanese sci-fi narrating

Films have frequently been burst focuses for mimetic leap forwards on the web

“Shrek.” “Bee Movie.” And now, very likely, the Mario movie starring Chris Pratt

The trailer highlights Bowser - with an obviously vivacious presentation by Jack Dark - going after the country of penguins, who broadly showed up in the level Cool, Cool Mountain in "Super Mario 64."

In a battle that is over in a flash, Bowser asks who could dare challenge him

Mario - voiced by Chris Pratt with all the enthusiasm of a Chris Pratt character, sounding precisely like Chris Pratt

"It's been a long lasting dream of mine to become Mario," said Chris Pratt

The trailer closes with his twin sibling Luigi, voiced by Charlie Day

The trailer follows the release of the movie’s first official poster, which has been heavily scrutinized by fans

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