Loretta Lynn, The Music Star dies aged 90

According to a statement from her family, country music legend Loretta Lynn has away

The family reported that their loving mother, Loretta Lynn, died quietly this morning, October 4, while resting at her house in Hurricane Mills

The reason of death was not mentioned. 90 was Lynn's age

After suffering a stroke, the iconic singer-songwriter delayed the release of his newest album, Wouldn't It Be Great?

After she had recovered, the album was finally released in 2018, and she immediately launched the album Still Woman Enough in 2021

Neko Case honored her with a tribute song. Among many others, Best Coast and Paramore have covered her music

White oversaw the production of Lynn's Van Lear Rose, one of Pitchfork's top 50 albums of 2004

She received a lifetime achievement Grammy in 2010, was recognized at the Kennedy Center in 2003

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