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Are you worried about hackers attacking your website and taking down the critical information? Then you need a security plugin for your WordPress website that can help in keeping your website safe and secure from such hackers.

One misconception everyone has towards website security is that only high traffic websites are targeted by hackers which is not true in reality. With more than 70 million people running their websites on WordPress, one has to take extra security measures in securing their websites. 

Since everyone is not tech-savvy to deploy their own code for website security, they need to use a plugin to deal with it. And, this is where Sucuri comes into play.

Here are a few things Sucuri offers compared to other security plugins in the market:

Cross Website Platform Support

Sucuri is designed to support websites built on many platforms like HTML, PHP, .NET, etc. This is not only restricted to WordPress.

Server-Side Scanning

Most of the security plugins cannot access the activities happening on the server end. However, Sucuri helps in scanning the server-side activities and keeps your website safe from malicious codes and hacker attacks.

Moreover, scanning your server-side activities also helps in identifying the potential threats in advance, which is not possible when you do not have this security plugin.

Security Alerts

As mentioned earlier, this plugin scans the server-side activities, which helps in identifying potential threats. Whenever a suspicious behaviour on the server is identified, it notifies through the mail. You can also configure the mode of notification like Twitter, email, SMS, etc.

24/7 Support

Unlike other security plugins, Sucuri has a great support team that resolves the user queries pretty quick. Sometimes the support team even helps after the working hours. However, this might take a bit longer time than the response during the working hours. But, this does not affect the user in any way. The support can be availed through the ticketing system available in the dashboard.


Sucuri comes with 3 pricing plans for the WordPress users right from the affordable plan (for beginners) to business plan (for high-end businesses).

The basic plan scans the website for every 12 hours, professional plan scans for every 6 hours, and the business plan scans the website every 4 hours.

Moreover, all the plans of Sucuri come with SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. 

The business plan comes with an instant chat support system and helps in advanced DDoS protection as well. This plan costs $499 per year.

The only common feature among these 3 plans is that they come with unlimited malware cleanup, blacklist removal, and firewall for the website.

Final Verdict

Sucuri is a great plugin for anyone who is very serious about their website and business. It helps in securing your data from hackers and malware. No security plugin can offer this kind of DNS-level firewall for the price range it is being offered.

In short, this is a great plugin that can be installed and used with a few simple clicks.

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