Optinmonster review

Optinmonster Review

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If you are looking for a WordPress plugin to improve your email list and lead conversion as well, then Optinmonster is the right plugin.

In this review, we will discuss in detail why Optinmonster is the best choice for WordPress users.

Optinmonster Review

Optinmonster is a conversion optimization company that helps in increasing the email list, sales and revenue.

Here is how Optinmonster helps the publishers with their business:

Grow Email List

Having an attractive optin form is very necessary in order to capture more mails on your website. Having good years of experience in this field, Optinmonster has designed a set of pre-designed templates that convert very well. If you are an experienced designer, you can customize these templates by tweaking the code.

Also, one can show highly customized messages to the users based on the campaigns run on their website.

Hosted Email Sign-Up form

If you are opting for hosting service for Email signups, you can signup on the central dashboard of Optinmonster and access the email templates integrated on multiple websites.

You can even customize these forms from the centralized dashboard and deploy it on all the websites you are handling.

Turn One-Time Visitors into Regular Visitors

Most of the times, visitors who stumble on the website do not visit back to the same site again. It indicates that 90% of the marketing efforts go in vain if you do not get proper customer acquisition.

In this scenario, Optinmonster helps in building a connection with your first-time visitors by running a targeted campaign when they are about to leave the website. This helps in capturing at least 2 -4 % of the visitors into subscribers.

Here are some of the benefits for people who run E-commerce business:

Reduce the Abandoned Cart

Abandon cart is one of the major issues for any e-commerce business. However, with Optinmonster plugin, you can run a targeted campaign and increase the conversions on your website.


Retargeting is a common term used in the ecommerce industry. Whenever your visitor leaves the site, they receive a personalized campaign popup. Studies show that exit popup campaigns have a great impact on the conversion rate of any website, and Optinmonster has excelled in creating such campaigns.

Easy to Configure

Unlike other email campaign plugins, Optinmonster is very easy to configure. One need not be a tech-savvy to customize the templates of Optinmonster. Every minute detail available on the Optinmonster template is easily customizable.

Also, you can personalize the campaigns for whom it should be displayed. In short, the webmasters have complete control over the Optinmonster email campaigns and track the conversions.

Final Verdict

With a purpose-built interface, Optinmonster provides you with industry best conversion rates and easy to configure templates.

The developers of this software have been consistently working to improve the usability of this software. This has increased a lot of flexibility in how you can interact with the visitors with the help of campaigns.

In short, the exit trigger of Optinmonster is a must-try option, if you are really serious about your email list building.

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