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Best WordPress Plugin for User Registration and Login

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User registrations and login are the key to getting access to the admin area of the website. One has to be careful in picking the right set of registration plugins for their website to make access for the users more secure.

Though WordPress has a default registration option in the dashboard, it is not useful for the website owners. Using the registration WordPress plugin helps in assigning the roles to the users automatically on sign up.

Moreover, not all the registration plugins are expensive to buy. Some of the plugins listed in this article are pocket-friendly and also effective in getting more signups on your registration page.

Best WordPress Plugin for User Registration and Login

Profile Builder

Profile builder is a WordPress registration plugin that helps in easy modification of the user profile. The front-end login forms can be created easily with the help of shortcodes. Moreover, these shortcodes come with multiple functions like register, edit, and restrict access. Also, users can modify how the front-end of their profile looks like.

This is a free registration plugin available for WordPress. Website owners can easily assign the roles automatically and prevent spam with the help of reCaptcha.

Ultimate Member

If you want to build beautiful user profiles upon registration, then Ultimate Member is the right registration plugin. The interface of this plugin is very simple and also lightweight. So, this plugin does not affect the speed of the website.

This plugin comes with sample pages for user registration, profile editing, etc.

You can simply import these pages and customize them accordingly. Above all, this is an SEO optimized plugin that helps in ranking high on SERPs.

Though the core plugin is free of cost to install, to get access to advanced features, one needs to upgrade to the paid plugin.


ProfilePress comes in both a free and premium version. This plugin helps in creating custom user registration forms that have a high conversion rate. Like the ‘Profile Builder’ plugin, even this registration plugin helps in creating the registration forms with the help of shortcodes. 

Most of the basic features are covered in the free version of this plugin, whereas the premium version has advanced features that are needed to develop professional registration forms. The only downside of this plugin is that creating custom forms from scratch is very complicated, and it also needs the Shortcake plugin to add the shortcode on your website.

WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend is another great registration plugin that is compatible with the Gutenberg version of WordPress. This plugin comes with a front-end dashboard that is easy to customize the profiles of the users. Post button text, status, and messages can be updated with the click of a button.

Above all, users can also send attachments with the help of this plugin.


The above-mentioned are some of the best plugins available for creating registration forms for WordPress. The free versions of the plugin are best suitable for small websites. However, for a professional site, it is necessary to upgrade to the premium plugins for better performance and customization options.