WordPress Plugin For Image Compression

Best WordPress Plugin For Image Compression

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An unoptimized image on your website will lead to poor loading time. But, one cannot deny the fact that images are very important for driving conversions on the website.

In this article, we have listed some of the best WordPress plugin for image compression.

Best WordPress Plugin for Image Compression


Imagify has a cool and clean user interface. This plugin has three simple options: Display, General Settings, and Optimization. The visual mode of this plugin helps you to understand the right option you need to pick to optimize the images on the website.

Based on your requirement, you can pick either of the three options: Aggressive optimization, Ultra, and Normal. In this aggressive optimization mode, there will be a loss of image data, but it will help in optimizing the loading time of your website. On the other hand, Ultra and Normal mode help in compressing the image without compromising on the image clarity.

However, this being a premium plugin, the charges start from $4.99 per month. This plugin also offers a free plan of 1GB per month, which is apt for small size websites.


Smush is one of the popular image compression plugins for WordPress. This plugin optimizes both the existing images and also new images automatically on upload. Smush provides real-time data on the size of the images before and after compression. 

Alike other plugins, Smush as well comes in both free and paid plans. In the free version of the Smush plugin, one can only compress 50 images in bulk. If you want to compress more than 50 images at once, you need to upgrade to the paid plan of $49 per month. 

However, we suggest you stick to the free plan if you do not have an immediate requirement of compressing more than 50 images at once. Moreover, in the free plan as well, you can compress unlimited images in a month.


ShortPixel has all the necessary features that not only help in optimizing the images but also improves the website performance. The signature algorithm of ShortPixel can compress up to 90% of the image without losing the quality.

The dedicated CDN feature of ShortPixel helps in delivering the latency in serving images to the user. Also, the smart cropping feature helps in resizing the images depending on the resolution. The lazy loading feature helps in prioritizing the images that need to be visible immediately after the website loads for the user.

However, there is a downside to this plugin as well! If you are using the free version of this plugin, you can compress only 200 images per month. Anything more than 200 image compression requires a paid plan. With the $4.99 per month plan, you can compress 10,000 images.


We hope this article has provided enough insights on the best WordPress plugin for image compression. If you are a beginner, we suggest you pick the Smush plugin, as it helps in compressing unlimited images every month, in the free plan.